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What TV Does And Doesn’t Get Right About Bail

Naturally, we sometimes think that what happens on television is a direct reflection of the real world. But when we find out the truth of some matters, such as how bail and bail bonds really works in real life, we go, “I didn’t know that! TV didn’t show me that!” Here is the fast truth […]

2 Ways To Post Bail

The standard process for when someone gets arrested goes as follows: they may post bail (as long as they are eligible for it; rarely is a defendant not eligible for bail) and return home. Posting bail is done most commonly by one of two methods: 1. Cash bail – posting the full bail amount in […]

Why Miranda Could Be The “Guardian Angel” You Never Knew You Had

Miranda is like a middle-aged guardian angel looking out for all arrested individuals. Before the 1960s Miranda vs. Arizona case, there were no laws protecting the rights of arrested people. They could be interrogated under intimidating police methods that might lead to a false submission of guilt. This then would be used to put that […]

How You Know You Can Trust Your Bail Agent

The best bail agents will freely welcome and encourage you to ask them any and all questions, including ones that relate to their legitimacy; they will happily and willingly answer you. If they may seem uncomfortable with the questions, you might want to pass on them and continue your search. After all, your quality of […]

Your Bakersfield Bail Bonds’ Agents Are Available Wherever You Are

No matter where you reside in the state of California, you can always rely on Bakersfield Bail Bonds, one of California’s best companies in the industry. Do not let the term “family-owned” trick you into thinking it’s a small company. Bakersfield Bail Bonds has been blessed over the last 27 years to be able to […]

The Completely Oblivious Vs. The Hovering: Finding The Middle Ground As A Parent To Your Child

Building a loving, nurturing, supporting, and trusting family is just what every parent wants. In a perfect world, all children will be kind and honest. But in reality, there are families with children/ minors who get themselves into trouble and break the law. And as parents, you have legal responsibilities to do what you can […]

What Happens If A Minor Is Arrested

As you’re aware, when an adult is arrested, he or she may be eligible to post bail and be released from court to return home until a court hearing. Bail is not available for arrested minors. So, you’re wondering what happens in these scenarios? Here are some of the various options for an arrested minor […]

You’ll Be Shocked To Find Out How Expensive A DUI Can Be In California

Driving under the influence is dangerous. The chances of getting into an accident and getting arrested increase, yet many people risk that anyway. But, what most do not realize is the financial cost this could be. You’ll be surprised at how expensive the average first-time DUI conviction can be in California: • Increase in car […]

Your Happiness Is The Reason Bakersfield Bail Bonds Do The Job So Well

Bakersfield Bail Bonds is committed to serving you and securing your freedom. Our mission is to provide fast, friendly, confidential, and professional service to all of our clients. We believe in the right to bail and that a person is innocent until proven guilty. Because of this, we do not discriminate or judge and welcome […]

How To Encourage A Loved One To Seek Professional Help

When we love someone so much, we become one of those people who “knows them better than they know themselves.” This is why sometimes, it’s on you to approach your best friend or a close relative and be 100% open and honest and tell them that they should get professional help because they are spiraling […]