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Our bail bonds only cost 10% of the bail amount. This means that if your loved one’s bail is set at $20,000, their bail bond will only cost $2,000. That’s a 90% discount right off the bat. That alone can make posting someone’s bail easier, but we don’t stop there.

On top of this, we can provide qualified clients with additional discounts. We provide a 20% discount off the price of the bail bond if you or a co-signer for the bond is a member of the military, a union or AARP, a homeowner or has a private attorney, you can get the 20% discount. You only have to meet one of these requirement to qualify. It’s that easy!

We will do everything in our power to try to work out a scenario that ends with you or a loved one getting bailed out of jail and reunited with your family as quickly as possible.

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At Algoso Bail Bonds, a licensed bail agent will always be there to handle your questions and inquiries throughout this difficult process. Our services are second to none and we treat all of our clients with dignity and respect. These philosophies have allowed us to grow into one of the more successful Professional Bail Bond Companies in California.

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Algoso Bail Bonds

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Address: 1330 Chester Ave, Bakersfield CA 93301
Phone: 661-326-0601


Here at Algoso Bail Bonds, we will help guide you and your family through the bail bond process. We will help make sure your loved one is bailed out of jail fast. You can reach us 24/7 (including holidays), both online and at 661-326-0601. Consultation is FREE, so do not hesitate to ask any bail-related questions you may have.

When you work with us, you never have to worry about confidential information getting out. We only talk about your situation, with you and nobody else. Any information you give us will be kept private and confidential.

You can count on our professional bail agents to take care of you when you need to rescue your friend or family member from jail.

Do not hesitate to call. You can rest easy knowing that with us on your side, you’re in good hands.

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