Don’t Let Your Stuff Get Added To The Collection

Don’t Let Your Stuff Get Added To The Collection

Everybody has stuff that they enjoy owning, and would hate to lose. Unfortunately, there are people out there that like to steal other people’s stuff. That is why the Los Angeles County Sheriffs are running a series of ads for the “Stolen Collection.” At first glance, one might think that the poster is an advertisement for some weird fashion line, when in reality it is an advertising to keep your stuff out of the Stolen Collection.

The idea of the campaign is to help keep the important stuff in people’s lives, save from criminals who’d try to take it.

The campaign reminds individuals to:

  • Lock doors at night. This includes their house, garage, and car doors. This can help deter would be criminals and keep them out of areas where you don’t want them. Many criminals only steal items because it was easy to grab them and keep moving. Don’t let an unlocked car or garage become an easy target.
  • Turn on exterior lights at night. The additional light will help deter would be criminals who like dark targets. The darker an area, the easier it is for a criminal to do something illegal without being noticed.
  • Remove valuable from vehicles. Cars are not safe places to store anything valuable or of importance. Items that you don’t want stolen should be taken out of cars at night and stored in your house.
  • Lastly, report suspicious activity. If you see anybody acting strange or in a way that sets off alarms in your head, report it to the proper authorities. After all, better safe than sorry.

While this may only be a campaign in Los Angeles County, it is still important for everyone. Nobody wants to have something of theirs stolen and added to the “collection” so it is important to take the proper preventative steps. By following these easy, yet important steps every night you can help ensure that your stuff stays in your possession.