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Every person means something to another person. They are cared about, thought of, looked after, loved. When something goes wrong, they have a person or people they can rely on for help, even if they disappointed them or made them angry.

During Valentine’s weekend, some people will be arrested or already in jail. While their situation may be more hurtful during this holiday weekend instead of a regular weekend, it is by no means any less important to do what you can do bring them home. Face it – they are a valentine to you. Valentines aren’t just significant others, if you think about it. Valentines are any person you care about and love. You hate seeing them hurt and in trouble. Well, they’re hurt and in trouble right now, in jail, and you need to do what you can to help them.

So what can you do to help them?

Contact Shafter Bail Bond Store and get paired up with an agent who will work with you to get a bail bond to get them out of jail. The payments will be set up on a payment plan that works around your financial needs, or the needs of whoever will be responsible for the payments. Bail bonds are the easiest and most affordable route to posting bail. Your bail bond agent will be with you the whole process.

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