Never Happier To See Your Tax Refund

You didn’t expect to have to pay for your loved one’s bail, but you did expect your nice tax refund to come in the mail. Thankfully, you can use this refund towards that bail bond payment! Yes, you were hoping to put some of that into your savings and use some for leisure. But it looks like that will have to be put on hold a little longer while you finish out each bail bond payment.

Bail bonds are set up on a payment system where the person who is financially responsible will only need to pay a certain amount of money each month (or other scheduled deadline) to the bail agent and company like Fillmore Bail Bond Store. The sum of all the broken down payments will amount to only 10-15% of the bail price that the judge set. So, if the judge set bail for your loved one at $50,000, the bail bond would only cost $5,000. And say you have 5 months to pay off the bail bond. That means each month, the payment would be $1,000. While still not ideal to be looking at, this is still much more of an ideal situation than paying $50,000 to the court directly.

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