Sun Kissed & Care Free

Sun Kissed & Care Free

As a Californian, there are certain qualities that people expect us to have. Those qualities range from bubbly, social personalities to sun kissed, glowing skin. However, not everyone has naturally tan skin. We’re all unique in our personalities and physical attributes. We forget that not everyone’s body reacts the same way to things. Some paler skin tones can’t handle the sun at all, leaving people with extremely bad burns.

Skin cancer can be the result from over exposure of harmful rays.

You may think that your just tanning for a little bit, but that little bit of sun exposure can do a lot of damage, especially when done frequently. Even if you’re using sunscreen, you may not be using strong enough protection. Skin cancer can affect anyone, but you increase your chance of getting it when you damage your skin cells by tanning.

Tanning, whether by natural sunlight, or even tanning beds, can cause skin damage.

Tanning lotion, on the other hand, can be a great alternative to damaging your skin. There are all kinds of different lotions that you can buy and apply to get that sun kissed glow. However, tanning lotions all react differently to skin. While one tanning lotion may look great on your friend’s skin, it may turn out orange on yours. For the best results, follow directions carefully and test a patch out on your skin. If things don’t work out, don’t worry. All tanning lotions will eventually fade, and wash off.

Another route to achieve the perfect dewy glow is through spray tanning. Spray tanning works similar to tanning lotion, in that it is a layer of color on your skin. There are spray tan salons all over California where you can walk in pale, and come out sun kissed. There are also those daring individuals who attempt spraying tanning out of their home. Again, everyone’s skin reacts differently, so it’s best to do a test patch on a small part of your skin first before committing to a full-body look.

Being a Californian can be stressful when you try to live up to everyone else’s expectations. However, just remember that another attribute of Californians is that we’re care free. If you don’t care about achieving the perfect golden tan this summer, don’t worry about it. If you want to be glowing gold from the California sun, try to achieve that look while being kind to your body. Harmful rays can harsh anyone’s vibes.