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Don’t Let Your Loved One Miss Halloween!

Bakersfield Bail Bonds

Every Halloween you and your boyfriend or girlfriend dress up in coordinating costumes: Mickey and Minnie, mustard and ketchup, etc. This year is going to be no different and you have already begun working on your DIY costumes. Then unexpectedly, they are arrested one night. They are sitting in jail, and you are sitting at […]

Why You Need To Know About This Gun Law, Even If You Don’t Own A Gun

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Owning a gun is serious business and requires a serious process. In California, gun laws are some of the most restrictive across the United States. And new laws are being passed regularly in an effort to curb violence and mishandling of guns. This year, there were a few pretty “big” gun laws that were passed, […]

You Don’t Know Crazy Until…

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If you think that your family and friends are a bunch of crazies, then you don’t really know crazy enough. Crazy is a bunch of people who act out too far for anyone’s good – illegally. They are the ones who are arrested for violating laws and committing crimes. They are the ones who popular […]

Major Bail Bond Benefits

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When we think of posting bail, we generally think of the negatives: paying a lot of money to someone else because you or your loved one did something wrong and got caught for it. But there are a number of really incredible and often overlooked benefits to paying for a bail bond, aside from getting […]

Getting Out Of A Bail Bond Jam

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When your loved one is in a jam and needs you to help pay for bail, one of the questions that’s going to run through your mind is, “how am I going to afford that?” We’re here to help settle this thought that is nerve-racking but also something you do want to do for your […]

Bakersfield Bail Bonds Takes An Oath

Do you need a bail bond? Call 661-326-0601 for real bail help! At Bakersfield Bail Bonds, we are incredibly proud of who we are. We are a hardworking, dedicated team of professional and licensed bail bond agents. We have taken an oath to serve and help anyone who comes to us in need of a […]

Unfortunately, Bakersfield Bail Bonds Can’t Do Everything

For bail help you can trust, call 661-326-0601 When Bakersfield Bail Bonds bails your loved one out of jail, it seems as if this company can do anything. To you, they quickly become a heaven-sent answer to your prayers. They helped you through this one very difficult time in your life and now, seeing first […]

Small Savings Equals Big

Need affordable bail help? Call 661-326-0601 Saving money can be easy for some people, harder for others. We always try and justify all our purchases but in reality, we know we can let some things go and move around other spendings. Saving money is a long-term happening but here are some quick tips that will […]

Make Your Friend Get Help Before It’s Too Late

For all your bail bond needs, call 661-326-0601 Sometimes being a best friend means doing things that will make your friend very, very mad at you. For example, your best friend is quite the alcoholic. As many times as he drives while impaired and gets home safely, you can’t help but cringe each time you […]

Cash Bail Isn’t For Everyone

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For bail bond help you can afford, call 661-326-0601 The Justice Department behind the Obama administration is making efforts to further protect defendants’ rights, especially those who come from the lower classes. They are arguing, before a federal appeals court for the first time, that it is unconstitutional to hold defendants in jail when they […]