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Let Fairfield Bail Bond Store Help Exercise Your Loved One’s Right To Bail

Fairfield Bail Bonds

If one of your friends or family members was arrested, they may feel small and helpless sitting in a jail cell. What many people do not realize is that everyone has a right to be bailed out of jail. At Fairfield Bail Bond Store, we help you exercise that right. When you find out that […]

Frequently Asked Questions About Bail Bond Store

What is a bail bond? A bail bond is a guarantee made with a third party bail bond company or agency to release a defendant from jail. Bail bonds cost a fraction of the full bail amount and comes with stipulations, mainly that the defendant will have to appear at all court appointments. If he […]

You Can Count On Fairfield Bail Bond Store To Be There For You

When you need a helping hand to get a loved one out of jail in California, call Fairfield Bail Bond Store. We have been bailing people out of jail for nearly 30 years now. Our bail bondsmen are some of the most experienced in the industry and can make bailing your loved ones out of […]