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Our Bondsmen Are Ready To Help at Bakersfield Bail Bonds

We are always open 24/7 so that our services are always available for any bail situation you might run into. On top of that we have over 30 licensed bail bondsmen ready and willing to help you night and day. Once you or loved on has been booked and bail has been set, call us […]

Bail For All Of Kern County, California by Bakersfield Bail Bonds

Bakersfield Bail Bonds has over 37 bail bondsmen covering all of Kern County, California so they can help people in every court and every jail in the state. Our bail agents have bailed thousands of people out of jail, so they’ve probably run into a case similar to yours. They will provide you with fast, […]

Greenfield Bail Bond Store: A safe alternative.

Going to jail is not desirable and for a lot of reasons, but one of the biggest reasons is that it isn’t safe in prisons. Inmates are constantly committing crimes within the prison walls and those crimes can be deadly. Is it really a surprise though, the average Californian jail holds anywhere from 4 to […]

Why Does Bail Exist?

Bail exists to keep the defendant out of jail during the trial. So instead of the defendant having to spend several months in jail and only being able to leave to appear in court, he/ she can spend the entirety of the trial in the comforts of home. Every United States citizen is guaranteed the […]