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Bakersfield Bail Bonds – Honest, Fast and Affordable Bail Bond Store

At Bakersfield Bail Bonds Service we are very proud of our longevity in the bail bonds business. We opened our door for business back in 1987 in Lancaster, CA. Since then we have grown the business with bail bond agents in cities throughout California. During our 27 years in business we’ve seen other bail bondsman […]

There Are Real People to Help You at Bakersfield Bail Bonds

We’ve all at one point in our lives had to deal with an electronic receptionist, and so we know how annoying they can be. At Bakersfield Bail Bonds the phones are always answered by an actual person, never an electronic receptionist. Call us now at 1-661-326-0601 to see for yourself. If someone you know and […]

Bakersfield Bail Bonds Has the Best Bail Agents

A client should never be afraid to ask their bail bonds agent a question and the agent should never be angry to be asked questions. The client is paying a lot of money for the bail agent’s services. The client should trust the bail agent. First and foremost the client needs to make sure the […]