The Cost Of A First-Time DUI In California

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$45,000. That is the low end of the average cost of what a first time DUI can cost you in California. Knowing this, wouldn’t you rather pay $20 for a Lyft or Uber home from the bar? Let’s break that figure down.

Cost of DUI

  • INSURANCE – This is the highest DUI related cost. Insurance will go up year after year after a DUI.
  • TOWING & STORAGE – Your car is impounded and to get it back, it is going to cost over $500.
  • DUI CLASSES – This will cost around the same as the towing and storage.
  • FINES & ATTORNEY FEES – You will be going to court for that DUI, so you will want a good lawyer to help protect and fight for you. This can go up a few thousand dollars.
  • DRIVER’S LICENSE – After a DUI, your license is revoked. It costs about $100 to get it back, once you are allowed to get it back.

Again, $45,000 is the low end of the DUI spectrum. Other things we did not account for, but could be a factor, is the cost to fix your vehicle and the cost of hospital bills if your DUI resulted in an accident. Each DUI will also cost more than one before. Do yourself a favor and just pay for a cab ride.

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