The Costs Of Shoplifting – You Should Have Just Paid For That Shirt

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Shoplifting is a crime that can be broken down into two categories based on the value of the items that were taken. In California, the breakdown is as follows:

    Petty Theft

  • An infraction charge when items are worth no more than $50. Punishable by a fine of $250 or less.
  • A misdemeanor charge when items are worth no more than $950. Punishable by a fine of up to $1,000 and a short jail sentence (less than 1 year).

    Grand Theft

  • A misdemeanor or felony when items are worth more than $950 and/or if items include guns. Punishable by 1+ years in prison.

The defendant (or parents or legal legal guardians if the defendant is a minor) may also be liable to pay the owner of the items for damages.

Knowing this, do you think stealing a $35 shirt is worth it? Definitely not. Besides the above, you might even have to pay for your bail, which could be hundreds or even thousands. You only needed to pay $35 plus tax for that shirt.

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